Marysville, VIC

Local Produce

Marysville has always relied on tourism as its main form of industry but tourists need food and the town is blessed with being close to some of the best food and wine regions in Australia.

The Yarra Valley is synonymous with award winning wines, the Goulburn Valley is home to hundreds of fruit growers and Gippsland is the heart of the country’s dairy industry. However they do swap around a bit.

The devastating Black Saturday fires in 2009 burned most of the original Marysville township to the ground and unleased its destructive force right across much of these regions and beyond. The effects on the town and its people were almost unimaginable. Houses, forests and farms alike were wiped out. It is a tribute to the resilience of the locals and the generosity of many volunteers and strangers that, less than a decade after a disaster of that scale, Marysville is again a thriving community and the farms and vineyards are already supplying the top quality produce they are famous for.

Within Marysville itself are smaller providers such as the bakery and patisserie. An icon of the town is the Marysville Lolly Shop where you can buy traditional home made candies and delicious fudges.

Out on the Marysville Road going towards Narbethong, you will find the delightful Marysville Trout and Salmon Ponds. Here you can hire all the gear you need to bring the family fishing for a day. The ponds are lightly stocked and the water is pristine. You can enjoy a picnic in the beautiful grounds and make use of the barbeques provided. The staff can even help you clean your catch or, if you don’t fancy fishing yourself, you can purchase your trout ready to eat.

The Buxton Trout and Salmon Farm is a bigger commercial operation established in the late 1950’s. It is the birthplace of commercial trout fishing in Australia and many of the techniques were developed here. Visitors are welcome to come along and have a go at trout fishing for themselves and also to try out the farms’ specialties –Mountain Ash Smoked Salmon and Hand Milked Caviar.

There are over 70 vineyards in the Yarra Valley including some internationally recognisable names such as Yerring Station, DeBortoli and Fergusson. Pioneer settlers established the first vineyards as early as the 1850’s and the industry continues to develop today. Varieties include chardonnay, pinot noir, cabernet, shiraz and many sparkling wines.

Marysville is the place to be during the Australian Sparkling Wine Show in October. Initiated in 2010, this event is the only dedicated sparkling wine show in Australia. It is now a prestigious event that draws entries from the top vineyards across the country.

Whether you follow one of the food and wine trails or make a beeline to your favourite vineyard, be sure to enjoy a meal at one of the many cellar door restaurants. World class chefs and freshly sourced local produce make a truly delicious combination.

Apples, pears, cherries, berries, peaches and more are all grown commercially in the Goulburn and Yarra Valleys. Not only can you visit the orchards and buy straight from the farm gates, you can also have a go at fruit picking yourself. Spend a day with your family filling your own baskets to take home or earn money by becoming one of the industry’s much-needed casual workers.

Grass-fed beef and a rich selection of dairy products are also produced in these regions. Melt-in-your-mouth soft cheeses and fragrant, mature cheeses can be enjoyed in almost every cafe, bistro and restaurant; perfectly matched to the wine selections.

A perfect way to find the best of the regional produce is to visit one of the local farmers markets. Fill your basket with home-made jams, boutique beers or divine cheeses. No matter what your taste buds fancy, you’ll be sure to satisfy them right here in Marysville.